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Have you have ever wondered about the traditional order of the familiar songs at Weddings? Various music is usually broken into 6 parts. The Prelude, the seating of the family, the processional,  the bride’s entrance, the Special/Interim Music and the Recessional.

The Prelude is the music leading into the ceremony while people are still gathering. Following the Prelude, the family and attendees will begin taking their seats as new music starts.

Once everyone is seated, Processional music begins. Traditionally, the roles are of the pastor and groom, who are to proceed to the front, including the bridesmaids, as they begin their procession down the aisle. When the processional ends, the Grand Entrance of the bride starts.

Now we can all agree that the Bride’s entrance is probably the MOST important segment in all of this, right?   Every young girl dreams of her wedding, including her Grand Entrance, so choosing that special song is kind of important.

The special song or Interim music will be next in the wedding. At this time, it is appropriate to have 2 songs or pieces of music playing for the moments of the wedding ceremony. Not too long and not too short, but just enough music for the unique rituals planned.

Every grand entrance should have a grand exit! The Recessional music can be vibrant, uplifting and full of love. The guests would be leaving with happy and inspirational memories.

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