From Alexandria MN To Corpus Christi TX

Hi there, I am a singer/songwriter from Alexandria, MN. I have been playing for about 20 years now starting after high school. I learned the main chords from my dad and took lessons from Steven Scott to learn Barr Chords and scales so I can solo. During that time, I learned that I really like to write songs and that I really like to play acoustic guitar. I practiced chords a lot. Changing from chord to chord and finding out witch chords  work together. It really helped me learn songs faster and better. So I started playing at open mics to see if I liked performing infront of people. Open mic was a great music intro for me. I met a lot of people through open mics and learned what songs people like and what they don’t like. Music really started to take off for me from there. So I still do open mics because they are a fun challenge. I did that for about 3 years before I started booking my own shows. 

Booking shows really taught me how to be a professional musician. I learned how to dial in my tone and to bring good gear that worked through the whole night. I learned how to play more songs then ever! The other musicians that played in town had a huge setlist and I asked them how do they know how many songs to play during a 3 hour set? They said if you play 60 songs with a 15 minute break you can play a 3 to 4 hour set. Now I know over 120 songs and still work on my originals and have a sound dialed in that I like to play. I like to think. that I have a Jack Johnson vibe and cover classic to modern rock and pop with a little country and originals. The more variety you have the better.


So  after I started playing shows I built up a great following and got a lot of new fans. I was working for my parents at the time and found that college wasn’t for me twice haha. I then decided to work and save money and gig. My plan was to gig for 3 years and if I can make more money then I do at my day job then I can play full time. I wasn’t sure where or when, but that was my goal. After three years I did reach my goal and I told my wife that we need to get out of here and do our own thing. So we looked at a few places. I new that I didn’t want to move to Minneapolis because of the Covid and riots at the time happening there. We checked out San Diego, California and all the prices rose there for everything so that was out of the question. Then my wife thought of Corpus Christi, Texas. So we took a trip down there. Stayed in Austin, TX. Then visited San Antonio and Corpus Christi. We found it possible to play music there for a living and jumped on the chance to enjoy life. I did a lot of research in Corpus Christi also and met some friends on line through Cover Band Central. Its a music Facebook page where musicians can meet and talk about gigs and gear and everything music. I met Joseph Martinez and then I met all of the other musicians through him. He is a really great friend of mine now and we work together on a lot of stuff. Anyway, we did the big move about a year and half or more ago and haven’t regretted it! I play music all week and work at Guitar Center. My wife and I go to the beach almost every day. There are a lot of details that I haven’t included because I like to put those into my songs. you can catch my originals on Spotify, Amazon, Google Music and almost all of the other platforms on the internet. I have links on the website as well. Make sure you come out to a show or listen to my music!!!